German soldiers in Grandcamp

Here are a great set of photographs taken before D-day.

They show the 716th Inf.  living and exercising in Grandcamp and Maisy. Cliff climbing, sailing – even trying out a flamethrower at La Casino.

This was all about to change on the 6th of June.

Grandcamp church was just one of many observation positions for the Maisy Batteries.Grandcamp-church


Standing on the balcony looking out to sea….
Soldier on lookout

The old Fort Samson – it was later destroyed to make way for the gun positions covering Grandcamp harbour.Officers-near-beach



Flamethrower practice at La Casino – at the seafront in front of the Batteries.Flamethrower

Practicing anti-aircraft drills from barges at La Casino.Boats-with-guns

Building pontoon platforms.carrying-dinghiesBoarding fishing vessels in the harbour.




The seafront road, looking towards the harbour wall in Grandcamp-les-Bains.Harbour-frontage Germans-in-boats German-on-dinghy

Army officers look on from the top of the Samson Fort building.German-officers


Grandcamp harbour from the end of the pier.Grandcamp-looking-at-harbour Germans-in-boats2 Germans-in-boats-3

The tide going out in the harbour.Grandcamp-harbour Germans-on-boats4

The soldiers are in their working clothes – made of white denim material.

Germans-rowing Barges-in-harbour Soldier-posing Germans-carrying-dinghy Fort-sampson2 2-German-officers Harbour-wall Boat-in-harbour Germans-on-boats4 Germans-on-boats5 Germans-on-boats6 Harbour-wall2 Germans-on-beach Germans-in-sea Germans-cliffs Germans-on-seafront Grandcamp-seafront Germans-on-seafront2 Local-fishermen

One of the few Kriesmarine personnel in Grandcamp.Kriegsmarine-officer Germans-canoeing Germans-canoeing2

A 75mm gun in the grounds of the church. This same building in the background has not changed.75mm-in-village Village-house-snow street-with-snow

The first job – digging a trench in the front garden of the house you live in…trench-in-garden

Enjoying the local vino…


Moving in.German-arriving2 Germans-arriving3 Germans-arriving4 Germans-arriving5 Germans-arriving6 Mr-Montagne?Germans-with-dinghy Germans-arriving8 Town-gates Germans-group

Climbing exercises at Pointe du Hable and along the cliffs towards Pointe du Hoc.

Germans-cliffs2 Germans-cliffs3 Germans-cliffs4 Germans-cliffs6 Germans-cliffs7 Germans-cliffs8

An improvised anti-aircraft raft.Floating-AA-gun Germans-on-boats7


Maisy Battery. D-day 1944, Omaha Beach – Pointe du Hoc