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The Cover-Up at Omaha Beach: D-Day, the US Rangers, and the Untold Story of Maisy Battery – will take you into the heart of the action and tell you things that no other book ever written has done about the Rangers other D-day mission.

If you have read all the other books about D-day and now want to know what really happened with the Rangers D-day and beyond – then you can have it all here.
Book-Cover-2.jpg The Rangers’ mission on D-day was clear. They were to lead the assault on Omaha Beach and break out inland. Simultaneously, other Ranger units would scale the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc to destroy the ostensibly huge gun battery there and thus protect the invasion fleet from being targeted. But was the Pointe du Hoc mission actually necessary? Why did the Allies plan and execute an attack on a gun battery that they knew in advance contained no field guns? And more importantly, why did they ignore the position at Maisy that did – and then bury it afterwards?

Using personal interviews with the surviving Rangers who fought on Omaha Beach, Maisy and at Pointe du Hoc, this book presents exceptionally detailed new research and it takes the reader into the middle of the action with the Rangers. It is a gritty first hand – yard by yard account of what combat was like in those early days for the liberation of Europe.
From the moment the Landing Craft ramp went down, the Rangers in their own words tell of the three days of hell at Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc and then onto the assault on the Maisy Battery.
This book is also a painstaking study of what the Allies actually knew in advance of D-Day, including what was known about Maisy Battery. Maps, orders, and assault plans have been found in US, UK and German archives, many of which have only been recently released after having been classified for more than sixty years. Radio communications of the Rangers as they advanced inland have been uncovered, and Royal Air Force intelligence evaluations of bombing missions directed at the site have now been released. All these combine to make this book one of the most up-to-date references on the subject.
In reality it renders many previously written works inaccurate and will forever change the way you think about the battle for Omaha Beach and the importance of Pointe du Hoc.
330 pages and liberally illustrated with many previously unseen photographs, it is available in hardback and signed by the author.
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This is what the Ranger veterans and others have to say about the book …

“I was there!   Gary has done a marvelous job in researching and then writing the story of Omaha Dog Beach and the follow-on battles at Pointe du Hoc and Maisy. If you like the nitty gritty type of war stories, you’ll find this exquisitely written and well-researched story among your favorites. Try it, you’ll like it.”
Major General John C. Raaen Jr., US Army (Ret.) 5th Ranger 

 “Gary Sterne has unlocked a mystery! Having been a member of the 5th Ranger Battalion that landed on Omaha Beach at H-Hour on D-Day, June 6, and also took part in the capture of Maisy Battery on June 9, this book’s in-depth research puts forth the solution to the often asked, ‘Where are those shells coming from?”
Jack Burke, A Company, 5th Ranger Battalion

 “Learn the true story of the US Rangers and their fight to get a foothold in Normandy—a story which has never been told before by any other author. This book will challenge what you think you know about the Rangers and D-day. After the Invasion of Normandy, it was said, that the United States and its allies completely buried the large German, heavily armed military base located  behind the Omaha Beach at Maisy.  The site should have been designated as a major target by the allied forces, yet the Rangers we were not briefed about it.

It was generally assumed that the German forces defending the Normandy beaches were subdued on June 6, however, the big guns at Maisy were firing from the 6th – 9th of June,  despite extraordinary efforts by the allied forces to conquer it. The Rangers were called in to silence the enemy guns.

Until now, the historical emphasis for the US forces has been based around the capture of Pointe du Hoc – this book will challenge what you think you know about the Rangers and D-day.”
James W. Gabaree, 5th Ranger Battalion, a twice wounded veteran of the D-day invasion

“Just when it looks like there is nothing new about D-Day author Gary Sterne shows otherwise with his book on Pointe du Hoc and the Maisy Battery. Here is important, long-hidden information which will require historians of D-Day to revise their take on those momentous events. And, the book gives deeper meaning to “Rangers Lead the Way!’”
Doug McCabe, curator of The Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers, Ohio University

 “As a Pfc. infantryman I waded ashore on Dog Green Omaha, slogged up the Vierville Draw between the mine fields and on to an open field near Trévières, where I spent the night. Sterne’s book is a must read for any student of World War II or anyone who wishes a new perspective on D-Day. His research and insight makes the ‘Cover-Up’ very believable. Don’t miss this book!”
Donald A. Fuesler, MD – 90th Inf. Div.

 “Through painstaking and exhaustive research, Gary Sterne has uncovered secret documents that alter the historical record of D-Day.”
Tim Gray, chairman, the World War II Foundation


The Rangers did indeed “Lead the Way”…

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