Gary Sterne opened up the Maisy Battery to the public in 2006 in the hopes that it will help preserve Normandy’s WW2 history and heritage. Gary and his team started digging up the battery, clearing every building they found and restoring the site to its original form the best they could. The Maisy Battery is the only German gun battery in Normandy where you can spend the entirety of your visit walking through the trenches as the German soldiers would have during the war. The same trenches where the American Rangers fought to defeat the enemy on the 9th of June, 1944.

Digging out a trench with heavy machinery

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There has only been one complete body found during the excavations. He was subsequently laid to rest in the German cemetery in La Cambe and all the equipment that was found with him has been kept to be displayed at a future museum on site.

Gary and the Maisy team have completed many other projects including the restoration of a D-Day “Higgins Boat” Landing Craft (LCVP) that landed on Utah Beach. This is now displayed at the Maisy Battery.

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