Tour Credentials

We offer personalised tours of the battery. If you are interested in taking one of our tours of Maisy, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to show you around the Maisy site and discuss Pointe du Hoc and the Rangers involvement in the D-day landings.

Our credentials: 

We have played host to US Senators, US State Governors, Ambassadors to France and high ranking military personnel both from Washington and Berlin.

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We have provided private tours for current serving US military and defence personnel – including current serving men who are keen to study the history of their predecessors – the wartime Rangers.

We have organised private tours for groups from world renowned universities and authors to assist in their understanding of the US Rangers at Pointe du Hoc.

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We have strong links with members of the prestigious French St. Cyr regiment in Paris and the French Foreign Legion – whom we have hosted for military exercises at the site.

We were invited to attend the visit of President Obama to the US Cemetery at Colleville for the 65th Anniversary of D-day and we had the honour of escorting D-day Ranger veteran James Gabaree onto the stage so that he could rightfully be alongside the President and other world leaders.

On many occasions we have been asked to give after-dinner speeches to private groups from the US Military and current serving government officials – as well as speeches at private dinners for company directors and we’ve been the guests of other authors.

We have been honoured to give private tours of the site and the area to the families of Ranger veterans and we are uniquely able to provide blow by blow accounts of their family members’ actions in the area 70 years ago.

For a number of years we have specialised in our “One Direction” tours aimed at educating school children about the sacrifices made by all the WWII Veterans, US and British alike. After all, once the men of the 2nd and 5th Rangers landed on the beaches and were left there, in the words of Ranger veteran Daniel Farley: “we could only go in One Direction: forwards, towards the enemy!”

We have regular visits from school groups who are staying in the area. More and more British schools are learning about Maisy and what it has to offer to their students. It is a truly unique opportunity to explore German bunkers and trenches, go into lit bunkers and tunnels if they want too – and  get close too and touch real WWII field guns – in a safe and secure site.

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Ian Reid from the Air Museum at Elvington. Paul Bogaert chairman of the Groupes Lourds Association, alongside with Grandcamp-Maisy councillors, veterans and their family members. The Groupes were tasked with bombing the batteries at Maisy in 1944.

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A ceremony at the Groupes Lourds monument in Grandcamp-Maisy beside the Grandcamp harbour.

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We have strong links with the Normandy Ranger Veterans Association and are delighted to welcome regular groups of British D-day Normandy Veterans to Maisy each year.  In the past these groups have included the 6th Airbourne, RTE men and RN Groups – we have had members of Montgomery’s staff and RAF pilots to mention a few. All have been given the same warm welcome and we hope they can continue to visit for many years to come.

We offer escorted and non-escorted group site visits to thousands of children per year and this number is growing.  Once they visit the site, schools come back again and again – they simply find that Maisy is the best place to visit on their Normandy trip.

If you haven’t been with your group yet then why not ?

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The Rangers were a group of well trained men, who were all volunteers – men who joined up knowing they would be at the forefront of combat.

Which is why we feel they deserve every inch of praise they receive.

Our philosophy of getting to the bottom of the actions in the area and using original interviews and documentation to tell the true story had paid off. We can now give you more information about the actions of the US Rangers than most, and give you access to information about Maisy which is often not known by others.

If you would like to take a tour or visit the site and need further information please just ask. For prices and availability please contact us directly on:


Phone: 00447411932197