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The site is NOW OPEN until the 30th September 2017.

You are welcome to visit from 10am each day.

Simply come into the car park… go into the cabin and get a map – then enter the trenches and see part of the largest German Gun position  in the US invasion area….. but remember, you cannot see anything from the car park.  The Germans designed it to be hidden !

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We are open from 10am – 4pm every day in April and May.

In June, July, August 10am – 6pm.

In September we are open from 10am to 4pm.
We do open in October – but please contact us first.

Le site est ouvert pour les visites en 2017 - veuillez nous contacter pour plus de détails.

Maisy aerial photo today

Welcome to Maisy

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The website for the Maisy Battery – Omaha Beach – Normandy

Maisy Battery was one of the largest German defensive positions in the Omaha sector on D-day. Today it is open to the public after being buried for over 60 years and you can walk through over 2 miles of original German trenches. You can go into bunker after bunker as you walk around this astonishing site.


The site is continually being developed as it was completely buried until it was uncovered just over 6 years ago. Each year more and more of the original trenches and bunkers are being uncovered.

Why havent you heard about Maisy?  We hear that all the time from our visitors.

So – in advance of your visit we challenge you to and look through your history books… how many of them mention Maisy Battery as even existing – yet it is the largest battery complex in the US invasion area.

The reason for that… the Germans built Maisy in total secrecy whilst letting the world know all about the nearby battery at Pointe du Hoc.

The net effect of that was to divert all the Allied attention towards the site at Pointe du Hoc – which of course was not operational and under construction on D-day.

Maisy was hidden for over 63 years – and now you can visit bunkers, touch German field guns and walk inside miles of trenches and emplacements.

See and feel what it was like for the German defenders on D-day.

Wonder at how such a huge complex could have been built under the watchful eye of the local French people – yet it was – and all done in complete secrecy.

You can have lots of fun exploring all the bunkers, tunnels and trenches in complete safety.


Maisy was lost amidst the 60 year Top Secrecy laws of the US and Great Britain and effectively the battle for the vast site became lost in the mists of time. That was – until a map was found in a veterans pair of trousers and it started a search for the missing positions.

Once questions were asked about Maisy, then Ranger veterans stated to open up about their knowledge of the battle and the site.

On your visit, you get a detailed site map and go around at your own place. You can go into all of the buildings, they are clean, lit up inside and you can see for yourself just how the German army lived prior to the invasion.

You can stand in their machine-gun tobruks – and see where they fired at the advancing Rangers on the 9th of June 1944.

You can walk down the steps of the commanders office and stand inside his bombproof headquarters where the men of F Company – 5th Rangers blew the doors in to assault the building.

Maisy is a unique site.  Nowhere else on the invasion coast can you walk down miles of original Geman trenches… they simply don’t exist now in Normandy.  As a recent visitor said “Maisy is  exactly what you expect to find in Normandy – but cannot see anywhere else”

Maisy has original German field howitzers on the gun pits… you can touch them. You can examine them and stand  where the German gunners did as they fired at the invasion fleet.

The site is a safe and fascinating environment from which to study the history of the Atlantic Wall.

We play host to dozens of school parties each year and we offer guided tours on request, or you can simply take your time and walk around at your own pace. The choice is yours. Rest assured Maisy Battery is the best site you will visit on your trip to Normandy… and remember, the Germans built it in secret, so for that reason it cannot be seen directly from the car park.


If you would like to book a Maisy visit with a well established Normandy tour guide then go to our TOUR GUIDES page.

If you want the full Normandy picture – Maisy has to be on your bucket list.  And of course you can check out our TripAdvisor reviews, if you are in any doubt.

Our best recommendations come from our customers.


We are open from 10am – 4pm in April and May 2017.
From 10am – 6pm every day in June, July, August.
In September we are open from 10am to 4pm.

Entry is 6 euros per adult and 4 euros per child.

“It will be the best two hours you spend during your Normandy trip”.

In October we are open – but please contact us first to check we are not already running a tour etc.

Le site est ouvert pour les visites en octobre - veuillez nous contacter pour plus de détails.


Maisy Battery – Route Des Perruques, Grandcamp-Maisy 14450 Calvados. FRANCE

(Situated a couple of miles west of Pointe du Hoc – and easy to find).

Tel: 0044 7411 932197


*The RANGERS diamond badge is used by kind permission of the Normandy Ranger Veterans Association.

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Maisy Battery. D-day 1944, Omaha Beach – Pointe du Hoc