RANGERS Morning Reports

During WW2 – ALL US Army units produced a daily status report.  These were called Morning Reports and were completed at the end of every day by the Company commanding officer.

For many years the original Rangers Morning Reports were only available to a select few – who were capable of going into the US Archives and copying each individual page of micro-fische.

For our extensive research, we have copied ALL of the Rangers Morning Reports – for each company – for each battalion, including HQ companies, Medical and special detachments. From December (2nd Btn) and January 1st for the 5th Btn — all the way up to and including the 10th of June 1944.

Giving you a unique glimpse into the real history of both historic RANGER units.

Starting at the day in which each Battalion arrived in England – up to the evening of the 10th of June 1944 – these morning reports list any interesting event. They list who was in and who was out… who was reported for insubordination, who was wounded, who was Killed in Action… who was transferred and when etc.  For D-day and after there are often multiple pages covering Company casualties etc.  Notifications for departure and any relevant movement orders.

They are a unique day by day analysis of what the Rangers were doing and when.  Each company movement from place to place is recorded – as well as how they moved and even at what time.

We are making these available to other historians, writers and veteran family members for their research and study.

You can ask us to search for the name of an individual Ranger – or we can provide Company Reports for an individual company – or the whole Battalion – per month or even by day… whatever your research demands.

The cost is levied to simply cover our administrative costs in scanning only the reports you need, and emailing them directly to you.

We charge 1 Euro  /  £1  /  $1 per report and will normally send them to you within a couple of days.

NOWHERE ELSE are these reports available – unless of course you pay a “researcher” thousands of dollars to find them and copy them for you.  And you may well not get the ones you really want.

We spent many weeks copying the reports one by one and then more time cleaning up the few (mainly 5th Btn) that were in poor shape. Ensuring that when possible the information you need is available from first hand sources.

So – what are you waiting for – ask us for whatever you need and we will try and help provide it.

Email us on   gary@maisybattery.com   and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Here are a couple of examples of what you will receive.

2nd A Company January 10th2nd HQ March 28th & 29th II5th HQ December 20th II