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The Cover Up at Pointe du Hoc - 2 Volumes

The Cover Up at Pointe du Hoc - 2 Volumes

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The first volume in a groundbreaking work of WWII history presents a startlingly different narrative of D-Day based on newly released documents.
Though the historic importance of the Allied attack on the gun battery at Pointe du Hoc is well known, historian Gary Sterne has uncovered striking new information about the events in recently released documents. In a landmark work of World War II history, Sterne presents a trenchant reassessment of the battle for Pointe du Hoc in a vivid, two-volume account that reveals the true mission of the 2nd and 5th U.S. Army Rangers.
This first volume looks at the critical months leading up to the Normandy invasion, following the preparations of the Rangers from their arrival in England in 1943. Sterne examines the orders they received, along with dozens of aerial reconnaissance photographs of Omaha Beach, Pointe et Raz de la Percée, Pointe du Hoc and Maisy—as well as French Resistance reports. Shown in chronological order and in their original format, many of these documents are still marked TOP SECRET.
Together with the second volume, The Cover Up at Pointe du Hoc - The History of the 2nd & 5th US Army Rangers, 1st May–10th June 1944, this revelatory work will change the way historians view the Pointe du Hoc battle from now on.



A follow-up to the New York Times-bestselling The Cover-Up at Omaha Beach. “The second volume of the epic study breaks new ground.” —Firetrench
Gary Sterne, a keen collector of militaria and co-founder of The Armourer and Skirmish magazines, has always been fascinated by the D-Day landings. In particular he was intrigued by the lack of precise information relating to the mystery of the “missing guns” of Pointe du Hoc.
His research led to the finding of a map which indicated the position of an “unknown” German gun position buried in the village of Maisy. The rediscovery of the Maisy Batteries made headline news around the world and his bestselling book The Cover-Up at Omaha Beach subsequently changed the history of the Omaha sector and made many start to question the Rangers’ Pointe du Hoc mission. The Maisy site is now one of the major Normandy D-Day attractions.
For the first time ever this follow-up book now offers complete Rangers history for the seven months prior to D-Day and does so using period documents, many of which have only recently been released from TOP SECRET status in U.S. Archives. The author fills in the gaps that many have only guessed at concerning the Rangers’ real missions on D-Day, he explains why a battalion commander was removed hours before the landings, why the Rangers were not briefed on their actual D-Day missions and the extraordinary role that Lt. Col. Rudder played at Pointe du Hoc. This book is a historical game-changer that pulls no punches.

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